Come Back to a Clean Home

Take advantage of our house cleaning service in Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties

You come home after a stressful day of work, only to find that your living space is messy. Your day just went from bad to worse now that you have to spend time cleaning instead of unwinding. It doesn't have to be this way. Miller's Sunshine Cleaning offers house cleaning service to clients in Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties. With our help, you can come home to a clean, relaxing space.

Don't spend your free time mopping floors or wiping down countertops. We'll clean your entire home from top to bottom, including:

General cleaning services
Vacuuming | Carpets | Hardwood Floors | Mopping | Dusting | Polishing | Ceiling fans| Picture frames| Trash disposal

Counters | Tables | Appliances | Sinks | Microwaves (inside and out) | Range tops | Refrigerators | Floors | Stainless steel polishing

Shower | Tubs | Mirrors | Sinks | Toilets | Floors | Countertops | Chrome polishing

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Who needs house cleaning service?

House cleaning service can benefit just about any homeowner. Many of our clients are homeowners who...

  • Work full-time jobs
  • Enjoy entertaining guests
  • Have physical limitations
  • Recently became parents

Having a clean home will make you feel less stressed. Get in touch with us today to arrange for maid services.